Announcement: Craig Snyder withdrawing from U.S. Senate Bid

After months of hard work, with the full commitment of a talented and energetic team and the encouragement, both moral and material, from both friends and family and many like minded strangers, it’s become apparent that I will be unable to generate the level of support necessary to give a fair test to the thesis that there is a plurality of Republicans, and a solid majority of both Pennsylvanians and Americans, who want a common sense conservative alternative to both Trumpism and Socialism.

That message, the cause of my campaign, is critical for America. The path to victory is there, but I am not the messenger. I know others are waging and will continue to take up this fight on behalf of the fed-up majority who reject the worst instincts of these extremist ideologies.

This failure is solely on me and I’m determined not to allow it to tarnish the message and higher purpose of the campaign and very much hope, therefore, that someone else more able and suited to the effort will take up this cause and enter this race on behalf of the whispering majority unrepresented by both political extremes.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank those who have contributed to my campaign, financially, intellectually and emotionally, and ask them to keep faith that sometimes a tactical retreat is essential for an ultimate victory. Without Dunkirk, there might well never have been D-Day.

American politics and civil society are in a precarious place at present, but I certainly believe in our capacity for self correction and improvement, and that our best days are still ahead of us.

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